Spring has sprung and times are very strange right now. Some people are finding themselves with lots of extra time to spend at the allotment, whilst others are unable to visit at all.

The committee have continued to beaver away in the background and we’ve recently increased our regular meetings from monthly to weekly (on video call, rather than in person). This is so we can stay aware of the ever changing (or not) crisis situation the world is currently facing and to discuss how this impacts life at the allotments.

This week, we’ve realised we really need to keep you all updated with what we’re up to throughout the year (whether there’s a global pandemic or not) and so here is the first Committee blog post. We’ll be aiming to get one of these out after each committee meeting, or at least once a month.

Many of you will have seen our recent email about the work Rod has been doing to clear out the ravine of rubbish and start planting a forest garden. If you haven’t read it yet, a copy is here. For those who haven’t been to see it yet, it really is an amazing transformation and well worth a look.

We’ve also sent out an email to remind everyone that plot-holders are responsible for their own rubbish and should dispose of any at the household waste recycling centre, when these re-open. In the meantime, please either keep rubbish on your plot or take it home with you. If enough people are interested and willing to chip in, we also have the ability to hire a skip (11 people paying £10 each can get a mini-skip to share) – please email us committee@marinaallotments.org.uk if you are interested in doing this.

Hopefully, everyone is familiar with the new rules we’ve drawn up to help limit the potential spread of covid-19 on the allotments – please take a look at the homepage or news page if you haven’t read these yet.

As well as decision-making, we’ve also had a few discussions about how to stop slugs and snails eating sunflower seedlings (don’t plant out until they’re strong? Surround with coffee grounds? Plant lots and hope some survive?), the glorious sunny weather and how to make Zoom work!

If you are reading this and currently self-isolating, we can only imagine what this time must be like for you. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns about your plot, or want some helping getting a few things sown whilst you’re unable to visit – we would like to help.


Written by Olivia Morton (plot 46a)