Associate Membership Agreement

If you are an existing Associate Member, or are applying to become an associate member of a plot, you must read and sign this agreement. You can request a paper copy my emailing the committee, but you can alternatively complete the digital form at the bottom of this page.

This agreement incorporates the Allotment Rules made on 30th November 2020 and any subsequent amendments. By signing this agreement, you become an Associate Member of Marina Allotment and Horticultural Association and are bound to comply with the allotment rules.

Associate membership is available to individuals who currently don’t have a tenancy agreement, but who undertake to assist on a regular basis in the maintenance of the allotment site.

The most common role of an Associate is in assisting a plot holder in the maintenance of their plot. This may be a temporary arrangement whilst on the waiting list for allocation of a plot of their own, or an ongoing arrangement with a particular plot holder.

Associates may also help with repair and maintenance jobs on the communal areas of the allotment.

In addition to the general rules, you also agree to the following:

  • Associate Members are issued with a key so they can access the site whenever they choose. They may make purchases from the allotment shop, receive emails sent to Full Members and attend meetings, including the AGM, but are not entitled to a vote.
  • Associates have no rights over any part of the plot they have been working.
  • Plots cannot be passed to an Associate Member if the plot-holder chooses to give up their plot.
  • When an associate becomes eligible for their own plot, they will sign a new tenancy agreement thereby becoming a full member. The arrangement with the plot-holder will end and the associate agreement will be invalid.
  • In the event of a plot-holder wishing to terminate the arrangement with their associate, this should not be done before the end of the rental period (i.e: 1st October) and they should allow the associate reasonable time to remove any of their crops or possessions.
  • In either of the above cases, the Association will make every effort to match the associate with another suitable plot-holder.
  • Plot-holders may not use their associates to do the majority of the work or to look after their plots for long periods of absence.
Associate Membership Agreement


Annual membership: £5
Key: £20 deposit (to be returned on termination of membership and return of key)

Please use your surname as reference

Bank details:  HSBC Sort Code: 40-23-18 Account No. 22234459

Privacy statement:

Members’ contact details, allotment history and other information relevant to their tenancy and membership of the Association will be stored by the Association and may be kept on computer and/or on paper.  This information will be used only for the management and administration of the site and will not be disclosed to third parties unless the Association is required to do so by law or in compliance with legal obligations. The member may inspect the information held by the Association about him or her on request.