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Online resources/books for those looking to expand their repertoire

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Hello All!

Found any books or online resources covering?

Plant science or botany, soil science, soil ecology, agronomy, soil chemistry, soil regeneration, ecology, regenerative practice, growing-related/land philosophy, growing-related/land politics or any indigenous growing practice (international), historical practice ( or unconventional/forgotten growing systems and unconventional/forgotten crops.

Here's the place to share!


No self-promotion, stay on-topic (see above although adjacency is fine), trolls will be found and destroyed...  be nice! 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2024 11:37 pm
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First up:

Plants for a future database: Great database covering plant (rare and common) uses and cultivation

James Duke Phytochemical database: Huge database held by the US Department for agriculture... need a plant with loads of calcium? phosphorus? Or need to know what a certain crop or weed contains? Type either the chemical/element or plant name and get a rundown of what's inside a plant or who contains what.

Lastly another one from the US... "Building soils for better crops" just one of many free (substantial) digital books from the Sustainable agriculture, research and education center. Loads of great free PDFs to peruse.


More to come soon!



Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2024 9:27 am
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